Mastering Google Assistant: Philips Hue Voice Commands|

Welcome to Mastering Google Assistant: Philips Hue Voice Commands! In this article, we will explore a variety of voice command examples that can be utilized with Google Assistant to control your Philips Hue smart lighting system. Whether you want to adjust the brightness, change the color, or create personalized lighting scenes, Google Assistant can help you effortlessly manage your Philips Hue lights. Simply speak the command to your Google Assistant-enabled device, and watch as your smart lighting system responds to your voice. Below, you will find an extensive list of 33-150 voice command examples to enhance your experience with Google Assistant: Philips Hue Voice Commands. Enjoy the convenience and ease of controlling your lighting with just your voice!

#1 Basic Control Commands

“Turn on/off the lights”
“Dim/Brighten the lights”
“Set the lights to maximum/minimum brightness”
“Turn on/off specific light/room”
“Toggle all lights on/off”
“Adjust the brightness to 50%”

#2 Color Commands

“Set the lights to red/blue/green”
“Make the lights white”
“Change the color to purple/orange/pink”
“Turn the lights to a warm/cool tone”
“Set all lights to the same color”
“Create a custom color”

#3 Scene Commands

“Activate the Party scene”
“Set the lights to Movie mode”
“Activate the Relax scene”
“Turn on the Energize scene”
“Apply the Concentrate scene”
“Switch to the Arctic Aurora scene”

#4 Room Control Commands

“Turn on/off the living room lights”
“Dim the lights in the bedroom”
“Set the kitchen lights to 50%”
“Turn on/off all lights in the house”
“Create a new room”
“Delete the office room”

#5 Group Control Commands

“Turn off all bedroom lights”
“Set the brightness of the downstairs lights”
“Toggle the lights in the kitchen”
“Set the living room and dining room lights to green”
“Create a group with the bedroom and bathroom lights”
“Remove the outdoor lights from the group”

#6 Routine and Schedule Commands

“Set a schedule to turn on the lights at 7 AM”
“Turn off the lights automatically at 10 PM”
“Create a routine to dim the lights at sunset”
“Cancel the morning routine”
“Enable/disable the bedtime routine”
“Adjust the schedule for the weekend”

#7 Brightness Commands

“Make the lights brighter”
“Make the lights softer”
“Increase/decrease the brightness”
“Set the lights to 80% intensity”
“Maximize/Minimize the brightness”
“Dim the lights by 30%”

#8 Color Temperature Commands

“Set the lights to daylight/soft white”
“Change the color temperature to cool/warm white”
“Adjust the color temperature to 5000K”
“Set the lights to candlelight”
“Make the lights more yellow/blue”
“Set the color temperature to 3200 Kelvin”

#9 Animation Commands

“Start a color loop effect”
“Enable/disable the light blink effect”
“Cycle through colors”
“Activate the strobe lighting effect”
“Create a dynamic light show”
“Set the lights to pulse”

#10 Sync Commands

“Sync the lights to music”
“Enable synchronization with the TV”
“Start the disco mode”
“Synchronize the lights with a movie”
“Create a light show using Hue Sync”
“Turn on the light sync feature”

#11 Sensor Commands

“Turn on the lights when motion is detected”
“Dim the lights when no motion is detected”
“Adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor”
“Enable/disable the daylight sensor”
“Create a rule for the light sensor”
“Trigger the lights based on sensor input”

#12 Miscellaneous Commands

“Set a sleep timer for the lights”
“Find my lights”
“Rename a specific light”
“Check the status of the lights”
“Change the default light color”
“Enable/disable voice control”

#13 Accessory Control Commands

“Activate the dimmer switch”
“Change the color using the Hue Tap”
“Adjust the brightness with the Smart Button”
“Control the lights using the Hue Bridge”
“Sync the Hue Go with other lights”
“Pair a new remote control”

#14 Voice Assistant Integration Commands

“Ask Google Assistant to turn off the lights”
“Control the lights with Siri”
“Activate the lights with Amazon Alexa”
“Change the color using Microsoft Cortana”
“Make the lights dance with Samsung Bixby”
“Control the lights using voice commands on Android/iOS devices”