57 Roomba Commands for Google Assistant

Single Roomba

The following commands are supported for a single Roomba robot connected to iRobot HOME App. If you have been using older commands, please unlink and relink the Roomba via the Google Home app first.

“Ok Google, start vacuuming.”

“Ok Google, start Roomba.”

“Ok Google, start cleaning.”

“Ok Google, pause vacuuming.”

“Ok Google, pause Roomba.”

“Ok Google, pause cleaning.”

“Ok Google, resume vacuuming.”

“Ok Google, resume Roomba.”

“Ok Google, resume cleaning.”

“Ok Google, stop vacuuming.”

“Ok Google, stop Roomba.”

“Ok Google, stop cleaning.”

“Ok Google, dock Roomba.”

“Ok Google, send Roomba home.”

“Ok Google, what is Roomba doing?”

“Ok Google, what is the status of my Roomba”

“Ok Google, where is Roomba.”

“Ok Google, find Roomba.”

“Ok Google, clean my (room name)”

“Ok Google, clean the (room name)”

Multiple Roombas

57 Roomba Commands for Google Assistant

The commands for multiple Roombas are roughly the same as the single vacuum robot configuration. Except you will need to specify Roomba name when giving Google Assistant command. Please replace (robot name) with your Roomba name.

“Ok Google, start vacuuming with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, start (robot name).”

“Ok Google, start cleaning with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, pause vacuuming with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, pause (robot name).”

“Ok Google, pause cleaning with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, resume vacuuming with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, resume (robot name).”

“Ok Google, resume cleaning with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, stop vacuuming with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, stop (robot name).”

“Ok Google, stop cleaning with (robot name).”

“Ok Google, dock (robot name).”

“Ok Google, send (robot name) home.”

“Ok Google, what is (robot name) doing?”

“Ok Google, what is the status of (robot name)”

“Ok Google, where is (robot name).”

“Ok Google, find (robot name).”

“Ok Google, clean my (room name) with (robot name)”

Cleaning specific rooms

Roomba robots with Imprint Smart Mapping Technology capable of identifying the specific room in your home. You can ask the Roomba robot(s) to clean any room that has been mapped.

“Ok Google, clean my {room_name}”

“Ok Google, clean the {room_name}”

“Ok Google, clean the {room_name} with {robot_name}”

“Ok Google, clean my {room_name} with {robot_name}”

“Ok Google, vacuum the {room_name}”

“Ok Google, vacuum my {room_name}”

“Ok Google, vacuum my {room_name} with {robot_name}”

“Ok Google, vacuum the {room_name} with {robot_name}”

“Ok Google, the {room_name} needs to be cleaned”

“Ok Google, the {room_name} needs to be vacuumed”

“Ok Google, start vacuuming the {room_name}”

“Ok Google, start vacuuming my {room_name}”

“Ok Google, start cleaning the {room_name}”

“Ok Google, start cleaning my {room_name}”

“Ok Google, go clean the {room_name}”

“Ok Google, go clean the {room_name} with {robot_name}”

“Ok Google, go vacuum the {room_name}”

“Ok Google, go vacuum to {room_name} with {robot_name}”


  • (day) — Day name from Monday to Sunday
  • (time) — Exact time in one day
  • (robot name) — Name of your Roomba robot
  • (room name) — Name of the predefined room