Mastering Google Assistant Camera Voice Commands

Welcome to a guide on “Mastering Google Assistant Camera Voice Commands.” With the integration of AI technology, Google Assistant has now become smarter and more helpful to its users. Did you know that you can control your smartphone camera using only voice commands? In this guide, we will explore different voice commands for your camera functions that you can use to capture perfect shots without touching your device. Below are some voice command examples you can try out.

#1 Basic Camera Commands

Here are some fundamental camera voice commands to help you navigate and control your camera functions using Google Assistant:

“Take a photo.”

“Take a selfie.”

“Take a group photo.”

“Turn on the flash.”

“Turn off the flash.”

“Open the camera app.”

“Switch to the front camera.”

“Switch to the back camera.”

#2 Shooting Modes

Switch up your shooting modes with these voice commands to get a different angle and capture unique shots:

“Enable panorama mode.”

“Enable portrait mode.”

“Enable night mode.”

“Enable video mode.”

“Enable slow-motion mode.”

“Enable time-lapse mode.”

#3 Camera Settings and Adjustments

Get the perfect shot by tweaking your camera settings and adjustments with these voice commands:

“Change the resolution to (insert desired resolution).”

“Change the aspect ratio to (insert desired aspect ratio).”

“Change the exposure settings to (insert desired exposure).”

“Change the shutter speed to (insert desired speed).”

“Change the ISO to (insert desired ISO number).”

“Zoom in.”

“Zoom out.”

#4 Voice Commands for Editing Photos and Videos

Edit your photos and videos with ease with these voice commands, instead of fumbling around with complicated editing apps:

“Edit the last photo I took.”

“Add a filter to this photo.”

“Trim this video to (insert desired length).”

“Add music to this video.”

“Share this photo on (insert desired social media platform).”

“Create a new album and move all pictures taken on (insert date) to it.”

#5 Photo Search Commands

Sometimes, it can be challenging to keep track of your photos with so many taken in a day. Save yourself the headache with these voice commands for photo searches:

“Show me all my photos taken in (insert specific location).”

“Show me all my photos taken on (insert specific date).”

“Show me all my selfies.”

“Show me all my photos of (insert specific person/thing).”

“Show me all my photos in the cloud.”

With these voice commands, you can now take and control photos like a pro without even needing a keyboard or touch screen. Happy snapping!