Mastering Vivint with Google Assistant: Top Voice Commands

Welcome to the guide on Mastering Vivint with Google Assistant: Top Voice Commands. In this article, we will provide you with various voice commands that will help you control your Vivint smart home system with the help of Google Assistant. These commands are designed to make your life easier by giving you quick access to a range of features, from arming your home to adjusting temperature and more. Below are some voice command examples you can use.

#1 Arming and Disarming your System

“Arm my system to Away mode”
“Disarm my system”
“Arm my system to Stay mode”
“Arm my system to Night mode”
“Arm all doors”
“Disarm all doors”

#2 Controlling Lights

“Turn on living room lights”
“Turn off living room lights”
“Dim living room lights by 50%”
“Set living room lights to blue”
“Turn on all lights”
“Turn off all lights”

#3 HVAC Control

“Set thermostat to 70 degrees”
“Increase temperature by 2 degrees”
“Decrease temperature by 2 degrees”
“Set thermostat to Cool mode”
“Set thermostat to Heat mode”
“Set thermostat to Auto mode”

#4 Locking and Unlocking Doors

“Lock front door”
“Unlock front door”
“Lock all doors”
“Unlock all doors”

#5 Voice Control Settings

“Change the speed of Google Assistant”
“Set the language to Spanish”
“Change the voice of Google Assistant”
“Disable voice prompts”
“Enable voice prompts”
“Turn off Google Assistant”

#6 Camera Control

“Show my living room camera”
“Hide my living room camera”
“Record living room camera”
“Stop recording living room camera”
“Take a snapshot of living room camera”

#7 Emergency Response and Panic Button

“Panic button ON”
“Panic button OFF”
“Call emergency services”
“Send a distress signal”
“Activate emergency response”
“Deactivate emergency response”

#8 Triggering Scene Effect

“Activate Good Morning scene”
“Activate Movie Night scene”
“Activate Party Time scene”
“Activate Romance scene”
“Activate Relax scene”

#9 Controlling Garage Doors

“Open the garage door”
“Close the garage door”
“Stop the garage door”
“Lock the garage door”
“Unlock the garage door”