Mastering Google Assistant: All Reminder Voice Commands

Are you looking to make the most out of Google Assistant’s reminder feature? Below are some voice command examples you can use to set reminders and manage your day more effectively. Whether you want to set a reminder for a specific task, an appointment, or a shopping list item, Google Assistant can help you stay organized and on top of your schedule. Read on to discover the various reminder voice commands you can use to make the most out of Google Assistant’s capabilities.

#1 Task Reminders

“Remind me to water the plants at 5 pm.”
“Set a reminder to pay the electric bill tomorrow.”
“Remind me to pick up dry cleaning on Friday at 3 pm.”

#2 Event Reminders

“Set a reminder for my dentist appointment at 10 am on Monday.”
“Remind me to call Tom for his birthday on the 15th of next month.”
“Set a reminder for the company meeting at 2 pm tomorrow.”

#3 Location-based Reminders

“Remind me to buy milk when I get to the grocery store.”
“Set a reminder to take out the trash when I get home.”
“Remind me to return the library books when I leave work.”

#4 Repeating Reminders

“Set a weekly reminder to water the garden on Sundays.”
“Remind me to take the medication every day at 9 am.”
“Set a monthly reminder to change the air filter on the 1st of every month.”

#5 Shopping List Reminders

“Add eggs to my shopping list.”
“Remind me to buy paper towels at the grocery store.”
“Add toothpaste to my shopping list.”

#6 Miscellaneous Reminders

“Remind me to follow up with the client next week.”
“Set a reminder to check the stock prices at 3 pm.”
“Remind me to call the plumber about fixing the leak.”