40 Greatest Midjourney Prompts For Logos That You Should Try

Creating a logo can be a challenging task. With Midjourney’s AI image generation capabilities, you can easily explore creative logo ideas and iterations in seconds. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide 40 amazing Midjourney prompts for designing stunning logos, along with tips and examples.


An effective logo conveys the essence of a brand. It is a crucial part of establishing brand identity and recognition. With Midjourney, anyone can effortlessly generate logo ideas by providing text prompts.

Midjourney utilizes cutting-edge AI to produce images from text descriptions. You can explore variations by tweaking prompts, styles, and keywords. This enables rapid iteration compared to traditional graphic design.

Below are some key benefits of using Midjourney for logos:

  • Speed: Create multiple logo drafts instantly
  • Creativity: Explore ideas you would never have thought of
  • Flexibility: Easy to test variations and styles
  • Cost: Extremely affordable compared to hiring designers

In the following sections, I will share prompt examples for different logo styles and tips for fine-tuning your logos.

Prompt Structure

Here is the basic structure of Midjourney prompts:

/imagine [style] [object] [attributes] [composition] [medium] [background]

Let’s break this down:

  • Style: Artistic style e.g. minimalist, retro, abstract
  • Object: Main element e.g. letter, animal
  • Attributes: Descriptors e.g. symmetrical, colorful, geometric patterns
  • Composition: How elements are arranged e.g. circular frame
  • Medium: Output medium e.g. vector, smooth gradients
  • Background: Backdrop e.g. transparent, blank white

Now let’s see some examples of full prompts:

Logo Prompt Examples

1. Abstract Geometric Logo

/imagine abstract logo with overlapping geometric shapes, spheres and cubes, shades of blue and green, transparent background, vector art

Abstract Geometric Logo

This generates an abstract logo composed of 3D geometric shapes in cool tones, rendered as a vector graphic.

2. Vintage Badge Logo

/imagine vintage scout badge logo with tree and tent icon, earth tones, distressed style, circular emblem, beige background, vector

Vintage Badge Logo

Vintage logos with icons work very well. This prompt generates a retro, textured logo with camping elements.

3. Minimalist Lettermark

/imagine minimalist lettermark logo spelling "Birch", modern sans-serif font, creative letter B incorporated with leaf, gold and green colors, vector

Minimalist Lettermark

Lettermark logos focus on stylizing the initials. This prompt generates a clean lettermark combining a leaf with the letter B.

Tips for Better Logos

Here are some tips to refine your AI-generated logos:

Simplify The Prompt

Use clear descriptive words. Remove ambiguous adjectives. Let the AI interpret the style.

Try Different Styles

Experiment with art movements like abstract, minimalism, Art Deco, impressionism.

Customize Colors

Specify classic color combinations like black & gold, navy & silver, maroon & beige.

Balance Elements

Use compositional keywords like symmetrical, rule of thirds, triangular arrangement.

Refine Details

Zoom in on key elements and generate variations focusing only on that aspect.

Enhance Resolution

Use keywords like “8k resolution”, “photorealistic details”, “Ray-traced reflection”.

Output As Vector

Vector format allows infinite scaling without loss of quality.

Logo Design Inspiration

Here are some prompts inspired from different artists and styles:

/imagine combination mark logo with letter K and bird icon, art deco style, inspired by Tamara de Lempicka's art, vector, beige and blue

Art Deco Logo

This prompt generates a stylish Art Deco logo combining custom lettering with a bird symbol.

/imagine abstract mark logo with intricate line art pattern, black and white, inspired by Keith Haring's pop art, vector, transparent background 

Keith Haring Inspired Logo

This prompt creates an abstract logo with Keith Haring’s signature busy line art style. The contrasting patterns add great visual interest.

/imagine emblem logo with tree icon, earthy natural colors, woodcut engraving style, inspired by William Morris designs, circular frame, vector

William Morris Inspired Logo

This prompt generates an organic, nature-inspired logo based on William Morris’ Arts & Crafts style. The woodcut texture effect is spot-on.


I hope these Midjourney prompt examples sparked some ideas for your own logo designs! This is just a tiny sample of the endless possibilities.

The key is to start with a simple prompt, get the primary elements shaped, and then refine details in iterations. Explore different styles by drawing inspiration from art movements, famous designers, and brands you admire.

Let your creativity run wild with Midjourney’s AI capabilities. Have fun and let me know what cool logos you come up with!