Mastering Google Assistant: 20 Essential Everyday Voice Commands

Mastering Google Assistant: 20 Essential Everyday Voice Commands allows users to effortlessly navigate their digital world with just the sound of their voice. Whether you’re looking to check the weather, set a reminder, or find the nearest restaurant, Google Assistant has got you covered. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to maximize your experience with this powerful tool. So sit back, relax, and let your voice take control.

#1 Time and Weather Commands

“Hey Google, what time is it?”
“Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?”
“Hey Google, what’s the forecast for tomorrow?”
“Hey Google, will it rain this weekend?”

#2 Calendar and Reminder Commands

“Hey Google, add an event to my calendar.”
“Hey Google, what’s on my agenda for today?”
“Hey Google, set a reminder for tomorrow at 8 am.”
“Hey Google, remind me to buy milk when I get to the grocery store.”

#3 Communication Commands

“Hey Google, call mom.”
“Hey Google, send a text message to John.”
“Hey Google, read my latest email.”
“Hey Google, facetime with my sister.”

#4 Navigation Commands

“Hey Google, navigate to the nearest gas station.”
“Hey Google, how long does it take to drive to work?”
“Hey Google, find me a nearby restaurant.”
“Hey Google, what’s the best way to get to the airport?”

#5 Music and Entertainment Commands

“Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.”
“Hey Google, what’s the top song right now?”
“Hey Google, tell me a joke.”
“Hey Google, who won the last Super Bowl?”

#6 Smart Home Commands

“Hey Google, turn off the lights.”
“Hey Google, set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Hey Google, lock the front door.”
“Hey Google, play my favorite show on the living room TV.”

#7 Translation Commands

“Hey Google, how do you say ‘hello’ in French?”
“Hey Google, translate ‘thank you’ to Spanish.”
“Hey Google, what is ‘I love you’ in Italian?”
“Hey Google, how do you pronounce ‘croissant’?”

#8 Stocks and Finance Commands

“Hey Google, what’s the current stock price for Apple?”
“Hey Google, how is the stock market doing today?”
“Hey Google, convert 100 dollars to euros.”
“Hey Google, what’s the exchange rate between US dollars and pounds?”

#9 News and Information Commands

“Hey Google, what’s the latest news?”
“Hey Google, tell me a fun fact.”
“Hey Google, who is the President of the United States?”
“Hey Google, what movies are playing nearby?”

#10 Productivity Commands

“Hey Google, set a timer for 20 minutes.”
“Hey Google, calculate 572 divided by 7.”
“Hey Google, what’s the square root of 144?”
“Hey Google, flip a coin.”