64 Family Fun Google Assistant Voice Command Examples

Below are some examples of voice commands you can use with Google Assistant to make family time more fun and entertaining. Whether you’re looking for games, activities, or creative ideas, these voice commands are designed to bring the whole family together for hours of enjoyment.

#1 Family Game Night

“Play trivia game with the family”
“Let’s play Jeopardy with the family”
“Start a game of Family Feud”
“Play a game of Would You Rather”
“Let’s play 20 Questions as a family”
“Start a game of Bingo with the family”
“Play a round of Heads Up with the family”

#2 Creative Activities

“Find a DIY craft project for the family”
“Let’s make homemade slime as a family”
“Find a recipe for homemade playdough”
“Find a family-friendly painting tutorial”
“Show me fun science experiments for kids”
“Let’s learn a new magic trick as a family”
“Find a tutorial for making friendship bracelets”

#3 Outdoor Fun

“Find a list of family-friendly hikes nearby”
“Plan a scavenger hunt for the family”
“Show me outdoor games for the whole family”
“Find a playground near our location”
“Let’s have a family picnic in the park”
“Find a family-friendly bike trail nearby”
“Show me how to fly a kite with the family”

#4 Movie Night at Home

“Play a family-friendly movie on Netflix”
“Find a list of classic family movies”
“Show me trailers for new family movies”
“Play a Disney movie for the family”
“Let’s watch a family-friendly comedy”
“Find a list of animated movies for the family”
“Play a family-friendly adventure movie”

#5 Indoor Fun

“Find a list of board games for the family”
“Let’s do a family puzzle together”
“Show me fun indoor activities for the family”
“Start a game of charades with the family”
“Find a list of family-friendly video games”
“Play a game of Simon Says with the family”
“Let’s have a family karaoke night”