Google Assistant SDK: Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples that you can use with Google Assistant SDK. Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google that is capable of answering questions, performing tasks, and carrying out actions based on voice commands. With the Google Assistant SDK, developers can integrate Google Assistant directly into their projects, enabling users to interact with the assistant using voice commands. From sending text messages to playing music and controlling smart home devices, there is a wide range of voice commands that you can try out.

#1 Communication

“Call Mom”
“Text Dad saying I’ll be home late”
“Read my messages”
“Send a WhatsApp message to my boss”
“Make a video call to John”

#2 Entertainment

“Play music”
“Play some jazz music”
“Play a specific song”
“What’s the latest news?”
“What’s the weather like in New York?”

#3 Productivity

“Set a timer for 20 minutes”
“Set a reminder to buy milk”
“Create a new project in Trello”
“Take a note”
“Add a meeting to my calendar”

#4 Smart Home

“Turn off the lights”
“Set the temperature to 72 degrees”
“Lock the front door”
“Open the garage door”
“Turn on the coffee maker”

#5 Navigation

“Navigate to the nearest gas station”
“Find a coffee shop near me”
“How long will it take to get to work?”
“What’s the traffic like on my commute route?”
“What’s the nearest airport?”

#6 Miscellaneous

“Translate ‘hello’ to French”
“What’s 20 multiplied by 5?”
“Roll a dice”
“Flip a coin”
“Tell me a joke”

#7 Custom Commands

“Turn on the TV”
“Order me a pizza”
“Find my phone”
“Enable night mode”
“Dim the lights to 50%”