Mastering 20 Essential Google Assistant Commands with Voice Examples

If you’re one of the millions of people who use the Google Assistant to help streamline daily tasks, you’re in luck – we’ve compiled a list of 20 essential commands to help increase your productivity and make the most of this powerful tool. From setting reminders to playing music, these commands are designed to make your life easier and more efficient. Below, you’ll find some voice command examples that you can use to start mastering these essential Google Assistant commands today.

#1 Time and Weather

“Ok Google, what time is it?”
“Ok Google, set a timer for 15 minutes.”
“Ok Google, what’s the weather like today?”
“Ok Google, what’s the weather forecast for the weekend?”

#2 Home Control

“Ok Google, turn on the lights.”
“Ok Google, turn off the TV.”
“Ok Google, set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Ok Google, lock the front door.”

#3 Entertainment

“Ok Google, play some music.”
“Ok Google, what’s the latest news?”
“Ok Google, play my Pandora station.”
“Ok Google, set a reminder to watch my favorite TV show tonight.”

#4 Productivity and Communication

“Ok Google, send a text message to Mom.”
“Ok Google, make a phone call to John.”
“Ok Google, send an email to my boss.”
“Ok Google, set a reminder to complete my project by Friday.”

#5 Travel

“Ok Google, find me the nearest gas station.”
“Ok Google, what’s the fastest route to work?”
“Ok Google, book me a flight to New York City.”
“Ok Google, what’s the exchange rate for euros to dollars?”

#6 Miscellaneous

“Ok Google, tell me a joke.”
“Ok Google, flip a coin.”
“Ok Google, roll a dice.”
“Ok Google, what’s the meaning of life?”