15 Siri Voice Command Examples for Discord Integration

Below are some voice command examples you can use for Discord integration with Siri.

#1 Basic Chat Commands

“Send a message to general chat.”
“Reply to the latest message in the channel.”
“Send a direct message to username.”

#2 Voice Channel Commands

“Join voice channel general.”
“Leave voice channel.”

#3 Emoji and Reaction Commands

“React to the last message with 😄.”
“Send a thumbs up emoji in the chat.”

#4 Channel Navigation Commands

“Switch to channel announcements.”
“Navigate to the previous channel.”

#5 User Management Commands

“Mute user username.”
“Unmute user username.”

#6 Role Management Commands

“Assign role moderator to user username.”
“Remove role member from username.”

#7 Bot Interaction Commands

“Check bot status.”
“Get bot help information.”

#8 Server Information Commands

“View server member count.”
“Check server uptime information.”

#9 Notification Commands

“Enable notifications for general channel.”
“Disable notifications for announcements channel.”

#10 Server Settings Commands

“Change server name to new name.”
“Set server region to Europe.”

#11 Text-to-Speech Commands

“Read the latest message out loud.”
“Enable text-to-speech for the current channel.”

#12 Media Sharing Commands

“Share the latest image in the chat.”
“Send the last video in the channel.”

#13 Gamification Commands

“Roll a dice in the chat.”
“Start a poll in the channel.”

#14 Moderation Commands

“Ban user username from the server.”
“Kick user username from the server.”

#15 Custom Command Execution

“Execute custom command trigger word.”