Master Your Philips Hue with Alexa Voice Commands


Wouldn’t it be great if you could control the lighting in your home with just your voice? Well, with Philips Hue and Alexa, you can! Below, we’ll go through some voice command examples that can help you master your Philips Hue with Alexa voice commands.

Voice Command Examples:

#1: Basic Commands

“Turn on the lights.”
“Turn off the lights.”
“Dim the lights.”
“Brighten the lights.”
“Set the lights to 50%.”
“Set the lights to red.”
“Change the color to blue.”
“Set the lights to warm white.”
“Set the lights to cool white.”

#2: Scene Commands

“Activate the ‘Relax’ scene.”
“Activate the ‘Energize’ scene.”
“Activate the ‘Reading’ scene.”
“Activate the ‘Concentrate’ scene.”
“Create a new scene called ‘Movie Time’.”
“Set the ‘Movie Time’ scene to blue and dimmed.”

#3: Group Commands

“Turn off all the lights in the kitchen.”
“Dim the lights in the living room.”
“Turn on the lights in the bedroom.”
“Set the kitchen lights to green.”
“Turn off the hallway lights.”
“Set the living room lights to 40%.”

#4: Routine Commands

“Turn on the ‘Good Morning’ routine.”
“Activate the ‘Movie Night’ routine.”
“Turn on the ‘Bedtime’ routine.”
“Set the ‘Reading’ routine to warm white and bright.”
“Create a new routine called ‘Dinner Time’.”
“Set the ‘Dinner Time’ routine to red lights and dimmed.”

#5: Timer Commands

“Set a timer for 10 minutes.”
“Set a timer for 30 minutes in the living room.”
“Cancel the timer in the kitchen.”
“Check how much time is left on the timer in the bedroom.”

#6: Miscellaneous Commands

“Sync my Philips Hue devices with Alexa.”
“Change the device name of my Philips Hue lamp to ‘Table Lamp’.”
“Turn off Philips Hue Sync.”
“Turn on Philips Hue Labs.”
“Reset my Philips Hue bridge.”
“Check the firmware version of my Philips Hue bridge.”