Master Your Music with Google Assistant: Voice Command Examples

If you are a music lover and own a Google Assistant device, you might be interested in learning how to master your music with voice commands. Below are some voice command examples you can use to control your music, whether you want to play a specific song, shuffle a playlist, or adjust the volume. With these simple voice commands, you can get your favorite tunes playing in no time.

#1 Basic Music Commands

“Hey Google, play music”
“Hey Google, play [song/artist/album/genre]”
“Hey Google, play [song/artist/album/genre] radio”
“Hey Google, play some music by [artist]”
“Hey Google, play my playlist”

#2 Music Playback Control

“Hey Google, pause”
“Hey Google, resume”
“Hey Google, skip”
“Hey Google, go back”
“Hey Google, fast forward [duration]”
“Hey Google, rewind [duration]”
“Hey Google, repeat this song/album/playlist”
“Hey Google, shuffle”
“Hey Google, turn off shuffle”
“Hey Google, repeat on/off”

#3 Music Queue Control

“Hey Google, what’s playing?”
“Hey Google, what song is this?”
“Hey Google, add [song] to the queue”
“Hey Google, add [artist] to the queue”
“Hey Google, remove [song] from the queue”
“Hey Google, clear the queue”
“Hey Google, play next song”

#4 Music Volume Control

“Hey Google, turn the volume up”
“Hey Google, turn the volume down”
“Hey Google, set the volume to [number]”

#5 Music Alarm Commands

“Hey Google, set a music alarm for [time]”
“Hey Google, set a music alarm for [time] to play [song/artist/album]”

#6 Music Timer Commands

“Hey Google, set a music timer for [duration]”
“Hey Google, set a music timer for [duration] to play [song/artist/album]”

#7 Music Assistant Settings and Information

“Hey Google, what’s the weather like?”
“Hey Google, what’s the news today?”
“Hey Google, what time is it?”
“Hey Google, what’s my commute status?”
“Hey Google, change your voice”
“Hey Google, what’s your name?”
“Hey Google, what can you do?”
“Hey Google, help me choose a song”
“Hey Google, thank you”