Siri Texting Commands: Voice Control Examples for Effortless Messaging

Below are some voice command examples you can use with Siri to effortlessly send messages. Whether you’re driving, cooking, or simply want a hands-free texting experience, Siri’s voice control can make messaging a breeze. Just activate Siri and use these commands to compose and send texts without lifting a finger.

#1 Basic Messaging Commands

“Text Mom that I’ll be home for dinner at 8.”
“Send a message to John saying ‘I’m running late, be there in 15 minutes.'”
“Text Sarah ‘Happy birthday!'”

#2 Group Messaging Commands

“Tell my family group chat ‘I’ll bring dessert for Sunday dinner.'”
“Send a message to the office group chat saying ‘Meeting postponed to 3 pm.'”

#3 Customized Messaging Commands

“Send a text to Jenny that says ‘Can we reschedule our meeting to tomorrow?'”
“Text Dan ‘Are you free for a call later?'”

#4 Voice Dictation Commands

“Tell Steve ‘I’m on my way home.'”
“Text Emily ‘Can’t wait to see you tonight!'”

#5 Messaging Status Commands

“Read my last message from Chris.”
“Check if Mom has replied to my text.”

#6 Quick Response Commands

“Reply to Alex with ‘Sure, I’ll be there.'”
“Respond to Lily with ‘Thanks for letting me know.'”

#7 Message Editing Commands

“Change my text to Mark to say ‘Can we meet at 3 pm instead?'”
“Edit my last message to Laura and replace ‘see you soon’ with ‘take care.'”

#8 Sending Attachments Commands

“Send a photo to Jake.”
“Text Anna ‘Here’s the document you asked for’ and attach the file.”