Master Xbox One with Cortana’s Voice Commands

Master Xbox One with Cortana’s Voice Commands is a game-changer for gamers. With the integration of Cortana’s voice commands, gamers can now navigate their Xbox One simply by using their voice. Whether it’s launching their favorite game or adjusting settings, Cortana’s voice commands make the whole experience seamless. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to master Xbox One with Cortana’s Voice Commands.

Launching and Navigating

To launch a game, say “Hey Cortana, launch [game name].”
To go to the home screen, say “Hey Cortana, go home.”
To go to the store, say “Hey Cortana, open the store.”
To go to settings, say “Hey Cortana, open settings.”
To switch accounts, say “Hey Cortana, switch accounts.”

Controlling Media

To play, pause or stop music or video, say “Hey Cortana, pause/play/stop music or video.”
To rewind or fast forward, say “Hey Cortana, rewind/fast forward [number] seconds/minutes.”
To adjust volume, say “Hey Cortana, turn up/down the volume.”

Taking Screenshots and Recordings

To take a screenshot, say “Hey Cortana, take a screenshot.”
To record a game clip, say “Hey Cortana, record that.”
To start or stop recording, say “Hey Cortana, start/stop recording.”

Multiplayer Gaming

To invite a friend to a game, say “Hey Cortana, invite [friend name] to [game name].”
To start a party, say “Hey Cortana, start party.”
To join a party, say “Hey Cortana, join party.”

Accessibility Features

To activate the Xbox One narrator, say “Hey Cortana, turn on narrator.”
To zoom in, say “Hey Cortana, zoom in.”
To turn on closed captioning, say “Hey Cortana, turn on closed captioning.”

Xbox Live Gold Membership

To check Xbox Live Gold membership status, say “Hey Cortana, check my Xbox Live Gold status.”
To redeem a code, say “Hey Cortana, redeem a code.”
To purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership, say “Hey Cortana, purchase Xbox Live Gold.”

Social Media Integration

To share a gameplay clip to social media, say “Hey Cortana, share to [social media platform name].”
To post a screenshot to social media, say “Hey Cortana, post to [social media platform name].”
To follow a player, say “Hey Cortana, follow [player name].”


To turn off the Xbox One, say “Hey Cortana, turn off Xbox.”
To restart the Xbox One, say “Hey Cortana, restart Xbox.”
To open a specific app, say “Hey Cortana, open [app name].”