10 Voice Command Examples for E30 Lennox Alexa Control

Below are some voice command examples for the E30 Lennox Alexa Control. These commands can help you navigate and control your Lennox E30 Alexa device with ease.

#1 Basic Control Commands

“Turn on the E30.”
“Turn off the E30.”
“Set the temperature to 72 degrees.”
“Increase the temperature by 2 degrees.”
“Set the fan speed to high.”

#2 Timer and Schedule Commands

“Set a timer for 30 minutes.”
“Schedule the E30 to turn on at 7am tomorrow.”
“Cancel the scheduled temperature change for tomorrow.”

#3 Comfort Setting Commands

“Set the E30 to ‘home’ mode.”
“Set the E30 to ‘away’ mode.”

#4 Information and Feedback Commands

“What is the current temperature?”
“What is the current humidity level?”
“Is the E30 running on energy-saving mode?”

#5 Location-based Commands

“Set the E30 to adjust based on my location.”
“Turn the E30 to vacation mode.”

#6 Voice Assistant Integration Commands

“Ask Alexa to check the E30 temperature.”
“Ask Alexa to turn on the E30.”

#7 Device Interactions Commands

“Ask the E30 to shut down after the current cycle.”

#8 Energy-Saving Commands

“Set the E30 to eco mode.”
“Reduce the energy consumption of the E30.”

#9 Customization Commands

“Change the E30 display color to blue.”
“Customize the E30 temperature settings.”

#10 Troubleshooting Commands

“Check the E30 connection status.”
“Reset the E30 to factory settings.”