Master Vizio SmartCast with Alexa Voice Commands

Introducing Master Vizio SmartCast with Alexa voice commands! With this new integration, you can now control your Vizio SmartCast-equipped TV with your voice. Below are some voice command examples you can use:

#1 Basic Controls

“Turn my TV on/off”
“Set the volume to 50”
“Mute the volume”
“Rewind 10 seconds”
“Fast Forward 10 seconds”

#2 Navigation

“Go to Settings”
“Go back”
“Open SmartCast”
“Go to Home”
“Go to App Store”
“Search for Netflix”

#3 Advanced Controls

“Switch input to HDMI2”
“Turn on Closed Captions”
“Change language to Spanish”
“Turn on/off Energy Saving mode”
“Toggle Picture Mode”
“Power Saving”
“Sleep Timer for 1 hour”

#4 Music Streaming

“Open Pandora”
“Play Top 40 Hits on Pandora”
“Skip this song”
“Play/pause music”
“Volume up/down”
“Song details”

#5 Smart Home Integration

“Turn on the lights”
“Set the thermostat to 72 degrees”
“Lock the front door”
“Close the blinds”
“Turn off the air conditioning”
“Open the garage door”
“Turn on the ceiling fan”

#6 Movie/TV Show Watching

“Play Stranger Things on Netflix”
“Skip intro”
“Watch my list on Netflix”
“Rewind 30 seconds”
“Fast forward 30 seconds”
“Resume playing”
“Exit Netflix”