Master Google Assistant: Top Voice Commands for Podcasts

Are you ready to take your podcast listening experience to the next level with Google Assistant? Below are some voice command examples you can use to navigate and control your favorite podcasts hands-free. Whether you’re looking to play a specific episode, pause the audio, or search for new shows, these top voice commands for podcasts will make it easier than ever to enjoy your content.

#1 Basic Podcast Commands

“Play the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.”
“Pause podcast.”
“Resume podcast.”
“Skip ahead 30 seconds.”
“Go back 1 minute.”

#2 Playback Controls

“Rewind 10 seconds.”
“Skip to the next episode.”
“Play from the beginning.”
“Fast forward 1 minute.”
“Jump to episode 50.”

#3 Podcast Discovery

“Find comedy podcasts.”
“Recommend a true crime podcast.”
“Show me popular podcasts.”
“Explore educational podcasts.”
“Suggest a new podcast for me.”

#4 Subscription Management

“Subscribe to The Daily podcast.”
“Unsubscribe from TED Talks Daily.”
“Show my subscribed podcasts.”
“Mark this episode as played.”
“Add this show to my favorites.”

#5 Search Functionality

“Search for podcasts about cooking.”
“Find episodes with Michelle Obama as a guest.”
“Look for podcasts by Joe Rogan.”
“Show me podcast recommendations.”
“Play the podcast episode titled ‘Mindfulness’.”

#6 Personalization Features

“Play my daily podcast playlist.”
“Recommend a podcast based on my interests.”
“Adjust playback speed to 1.5x.”
“Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes.”
“Skip all ads in this episode.”

#7 Smart Home Integration

“Play the podcast in the living room.”
“Skip to the next episode in the bedroom.”
“Pause the podcast on all devices.”
“Resume podcast playback on kitchen speakers.”
“Set volume to 50%.”

Enjoy using these top voice commands for podcasts with your Google Assistant and enhance your listening experience like never before!