Master Netflix with Google Assistant voice commands

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to master Netflix with Google Assistant voice commands. With the help of these commands, you can easily navigate and get the most out of your streaming experience!

#1 Play a Movie or TV Show

“Watch Stranger Things”
“Play The Crown on Netflix”
“Find Narcos: Mexico”
“Start watching Ozark”
“Watch the movie Inception”
“Play The Witcher on Netflix”

#2 Pause, Resume, Stop

“Resume playing”
“Stop the show”
“Stop playback”
“End the video”

#3 Skip or Go Back

“Skip intro”
“Go back 30 seconds”
“Skip forward 1 minute”
“Rewind 10 seconds”

#4 Explore Netflix

“Show me popular movies”
“What’s new on Netflix?”
“Recommendations for me”
“Binge-worthy TV shows”
“Search for comedies”
“Find documentaries”

#5 Volume Control

“Set volume to 50%”
“Increase the volume”
“Lower the volume”
“Mute the sound”
“Turn off audio”

#6 Subtitles and Audio

“Turn on subtitles”
“Turn off captions”
“Change subtitle language to French”
“Switch audio to Spanish”
“Change audio to 5.1 surround”

#7 Chromecast Control

“Cast to Chromecast”
“Pause Chromecast”
“Stop casting”
“Turn off the TV”
“Switch to Chromecast”

#8 Queue Management

“Add to my list”
“Remove from list”
“What’s in my list?”
“Play next episode”
“Skip to next episode”
“Resume next episode”