Cortana Voice Commands for Xbox: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to “Cortana voice commands for Xbox: A Comprehensive Guide”! If you own an Xbox, you may have already discovered that Cortana can be an incredibly helpful assistant when it comes to gaming. By simply speaking a command, you can open apps, control your media, and even search the web without ever taking your hands off your controller. Below you will find a list of voice command examples to help you get started with Cortana on your Xbox.

#1 Media Controls:

“Pause the video”
“Play the movie”
“Play the music”
“Stop the music”
“Go to the next song”
“Previous track”
“Fast forward”
“Skip ahead 10 seconds”
“Rewind 5 minutes”

#2 App Commands:

“Open Netflix”
“Launch Hulu”
“Start YouTube”
“Pause Pandora”
“Resume Spotify”
“Open Twitch”

#3 Gaming Commands:

“Go to my games and apps”
“Start Minecraft”
“Snap my achievements”
“Start my broadcast”
“Record that”
“Turn on game mode”
“Show me my friends list”
“Invite friends to a party”

#4 System Commands:

“Power on”
“Power off”
“Restart Xbox”
“Go to settings”
“Sign in as [insert gamertag name]”
“Turn off notifications”
“Switch user”

#5 Web Searches:

“Search for cat videos on YouTube”
“What’s the weather like in New York?”
“Who won the Super Bowl last year?”
“Find me a recipe for lasagna”
“Show me pictures of dogs”
“How far away is the moon?”

#6 Cortana Assistance:

“What can I say?”
“Who are you?”
“Teach me how to use Cortana”
“Tell me a joke”
“Give me a definition of ‘excellent'”
“Set a reminder for 6:00 PM”