Troubleshooting Google Assistant: Voice Command Examples

If you’re having trouble with Google Assistant, one way to troubleshoot is by using voice commands. Below are some voice command examples you can use to troubleshoot Google Assistant.

#1 Basic Troubleshooting

“To restart Google Assistant”
“To reset Google Assistant”
“To check internet connection”

#2 Account Issues

“To check my Google account settings”
“To log out of Google Assistant”
“To update my Google Assistant profile”

#3 Device Compatibility

“To check device compatibility”
“To update device software”
“To troubleshoot device connection”

#4 Voice Recognition

“To train my Google Assistant to recognize my voice”
“To adjust voice recognition settings”
“To troubleshoot voice recognition issues”

#5 App Integration

“To check app integration settings”
“To troubleshoot app connection issues”
“To update app permissions”

#6 Language and Region Settings

“To change language settings”
“To update region settings”
“To troubleshoot language recognition issues”

#7 Third-Party Software

“To troubleshoot third-party software conflicts”
“To check third-party software permissions”
“To update third-party software compatibility”

#8 Privacy and Security

“To review privacy settings”
“To update security settings”
“To troubleshoot privacy and security concerns”