Master Google Assistant with Quick Command Examples

If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your daily tasks with just your voice, look no further than the Master Google Assistant. This AI-powered virtual assistant can help you with everything from setting reminders and navigating traffic to playing music and checking the weather. Below, you’ll find some voice command examples to help you get started with using the Master Google Assistant to simplify your life and maximize your productivity.

#1: Daily Tasks

“Set a reminder for 10 am tomorrow.”
“Schedule a meeting with John for next Monday at 2 pm.”
“What’s on my calendar for today?”
“Take a note.”
“Create a shopping list.”

#2: Navigation

“What’s the fastest route to work?”
“Is there heavy traffic on my route?”
“Get directions to the nearest gas station.”
“Navigate to the nearest coffee shop.”
“What’s the weather like in San Francisco?”

#3: Entertainment

“Play music by Adele.”
“Skip this song.”
“Play the next episode of The Crown on Netflix.”
“Pause the movie.”
“Turn on the TV.”

#4: Home Automation

“Turn off the lights in the living room.”
“Set the thermostat to 70 degrees.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Start the robot vacuum.”
“Turn on the coffee maker.”

#5: Personal Assistant

“Read me the news.”
“How do you say ‘hello’ in Spanish?”
“Translate ‘I love you’ to French.”
“What’s the closest restaurant?”
“Call my mom.”