Xbox Commands: Voice Control Examples with Google Assistant

Below are some voice command examples that you can use with Google Assistant to control your Xbox with ease.

#1 Basic Functions

“Turn on Xbox.”
“Turn off Xbox.”
“Fast forward.”
“Volume up.”
“Volume down.”

#2 Game Control

“Launch FIFA 20.”
“Start Forza Horizon 4.”
“Quit game.”
“Record that.”
“Take a screenshot.”
“Invite friends to play.”

#3 Media and Entertainment

“Open Netflix.”
“Play Stranger Things.”
“Resume watching.”
“Search for comedies on Hulu.”
“Play music on Spotify.”

#4 System Navigation

“Go back to home.”
“Open settings.”
“Go to my games and apps.”
“Show notifications.”
“Show achievements.”

#5 Virtual Assistant Integration

“Ask Google to search for Xbox game releases.”
“Ask Google what’s new on Game Pass.”
“Get help from Google with Xbox settings.”
“Ask Google for Xbox game recommendations.”
“Request a joke from Google.”

#6 Social Interactions

“Send a message to John.”
“Start a party with Emma.”
“Invite friends to join my Minecraft world.”

#7 Custom Commands

“Turn on custom lighting.”
“Start custom game mode.”
“Activate custom voice settings.”
“Execute custom command sequence.”