30 Googe Assistant Commands for Google Maps

“Ok Google, mute voice guidance”

“Ok Google, unmute voice guidance”

“Ok Google, show traffic”

“Ok Google, hide traffic”

“Ok Google, show satellite”

“Ok Google, hide satellite”

“Ok Google, navigate home”

“Ok Google, show route overview”

“Ok Google, show alternate routes”

“Ok Google, avoid tolls”

“Ok Google, enable tolls”

“Ok Google, avoid highways”

“Ok Google, enable highways”

“Ok Google, avoid ferries”

“Ok Google, enable ferries”

“Ok Google, exit navigation”

“Ok Google, what road is this?”

“Ok Google, what’s my next turn?”

“Ok Google, what’s my ETA?”

“Ok Google, what’s the weather like?”

“Ok Google, what’s the closest hotel?”

“Ok Google, when’s my next meeting?”

“Ok Google, how’s traffic ahead?”

“Ok Google, how’s traffic to home?”

“Ok Google, how’s the weather in {place}?”. Example: “Ok Google, how’s the weather in Seattle?”

“Ok Google, navigate to {place}”. Example: “Ok Google, navigate to starbucks

“Ok Google, find {place}”. Example: “Ok Google, find gas stations

“Ok Google, call {name}”. Example: “Ok Google, call mom

“Ok Google, send a text to {name}”. Example: “Ok Google, send a text to Johan

“Ok Google, send a SMS to {name}, {text}”. Example: “Ok Google, send an SMS to Johan, I’m feeling lucky