12 TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb Commands for Alexa

In order to get Alexa commands capability, please connect your TP-Link Kasa device to Amazon Alexa first. The following commands apply to LB130 , KL110B , HS105 KIT , KL120 , KB130 , KL130B , KL110 , KL130 , KB100 , HS200 , LB230 , HS300 , HS100 , HS110 , LB120 , HS103 , LB110 , LB100 TKIT , HS105 , HS100 KIT , LB200 , HS107 , and LB100 series.

Universal commands

“Alexa, find devices.”

“Alexa, turn on (device name).”

“Alexa, turn off (device name).”

“Alexa, turn on (Kasa scene).”

“Alexa, turn (Kasa scene) on.”

Smart bulb commands

The following commands only applied for LB130 series.

“Alexa, set (bulb name) to green.”

“Alexa, set (bulb name) to (color name).”

“Alexa, turn on the (room name) light after (time).”

“Alexa, set the timer to 10 minutes.”

“Alexa, dim the light.”

“Alexa, brighten the light.”

“Alexa, dim the light in the (room name).”


  • (device name) — Name of your TP-Link Kasa device
  • (Kasa scene) — The predefined scene which you can create here.
  • (bulb name) — Your smart bulb name.
  • (color name) — General color name, there are hundreds of color options supported.
  • (room name) — The room name you have created before.
  • (time) — Name a specific time in minutes or hours.