LG Soundbar Voice Command Examples for Google Assistant

Are you looking to enhance your home entertainment experience with the LG Soundbar and Google Assistant? Below are some voice command examples you can use to control your LG Soundbar using Google Assistant. With these voice commands, you can easily adjust the volume, change the audio settings, and even play your favorite music seamlessly. Say goodbye to searching for the remote, and hello to hands-free control with Google Assistant and LG Soundbar.

Volume Control

“Hey Google, increase the volume on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, decrease the volume on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, set the volume to 50% on the soundbar.”

Playback Control

“Hey Google, play the next track on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, pause the music on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, resume playback on the soundbar.”

Audio Settings

“Hey Google, switch the sound mode to cinema on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, adjust the bass level on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, turn on the surround sound feature on the soundbar.”

Source Control

“Hey Google, switch the input to HDMI on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, change the input source to Bluetooth on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, switch to TV input on the soundbar.”

Google Assistant Integration

“Hey Google, ask LG Soundbar to mute the sound.”
“Hey Google, tell LG Soundbar to increase voice clarity.”
“Hey Google, command LG Soundbar to turn off the TV.”

Customized Voice Commands

“Hey Google, set the soundbar to my favorite settings.”
“Hey Google, play my workout playlist on the soundbar.”
“Hey Google, turn off the soundbar after 30 minutes.”