IOS 9 Siri Voice Commands: Examples and Tips

Siri has been a crucial feature in Apple’s iOS system for years, making life easier for users with hands-free assistance. With the release of IOS 9, Siri’s voice commands have become even more intuitive and powerful. Below are some voice command examples that will help you get the most out of Siri’s features and improve your productivity.

#1 Call Commands

“Call John”
“Call 555-1234”
“Call my boss”

#2 Text and Email Commands

“Text John that I’m on my way”
“Email my boss the report”
“Send a message to my wife”
“Read my new emails”

#3 Navigation Commands

“What’s the traffic like to work?”
“Show me the way home”
“Take me to the nearest gas station”
“What’s my ETA?”

#4 Calendar Commands

“Schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 2pm”
“When is my next appointment?”
“Add a reminder to the calendar”
“Meeting with John tomorrow at 10am”

#5 Music Commands

“Play some music”
“Play the Rolling Stones”
“Skip this song”
“Turn up the volume”

#6 Reminder Commands

“Remind me to buy milk at 5pm”
“Set a reminder to take out the trash”
“Remind me to call my mom tomorrow”
“Add a reminder to pay the rent”

#7 Timer and Alarm Commands

“Set a timer for 20 minutes”
“Wake me up at 7am”
“Turn off all alarms”
“Set a reminder to take medication”

#8 Note Commands

“Take a note”
“Create a new note”
“Show me my notes”
“Delete the last note”

#9 Weather Commands

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Is it going to rain this weekend?”
“How’s the weather in San Francisco?”
“Check the weather in New York”

#10 Calculator Commands

“What’s 10 percent of 200?”
“What’s the square root of 144?”
“Convert 50 euros to dollars”
“Add 25 and 30”