Complete List of Google Assistant Voice Commands 2018

Below is a complete list of Google Assistant voice commands for 2018. These voice command examples will help you navigate and utilize Google Assistant to its full potential.

#1 Basic Commands

“Set an alarm for 7 am.”
“What’s the weather like today?”
“Call mom.”
“What time is it?”
“Send a text to John.”
“Take a selfie.”
“Show me nearby restaurants.”

#2 Device Control

“Turn on the lights.”
“Control the thermostat.”
“Play music on Spotify.”
“Pause the music.”
“Show me my photos.”

#3 Communication

“Send an email to Jane.”
“Read my unread messages.”
“Make a call to the office.”
“Create a new email.”
“Video call Sarah.”

#4 Navigation

“Navigate to the nearest gas station.”
“What’s the traffic like on my commute?”
“Find me a nearby coffee shop.”
“Get directions to the airport.”
“Show me the way home.”

#5 Productivity

“Set a reminder to buy groceries.”
“Schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 10 am.”
“Create a to-do list.”
“Find events happening this weekend.”
“Add milk to my shopping list.”

#6 Entertainment

“Play ‘Despacito’ on YouTube.”
“Find movie showtimes for tonight.”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Play a game.”
“Show me trending videos on YouTube.”

#7 Smart Home Integration

“Dim the lights in the living room.”
“Set the temperature to 72 degrees.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Turn off the TV.”
“Start the coffee maker.”