Insightful ChatGPT Prompts for Speech Writing

Giving a speech can be nerve-wracking. Even experienced public speakers struggle with writer’s block or feel intimidated by a blank page. This is where AI can help! With the right prompts, AI tools like ChatGPT can assist with speech writing by generating ideas, outlines, drafts, and more.

Here are some AI prompt examples to get you started:

Brainstorming Topics and Hooks

Get AI to suggest potential speech topics based on your interests:

Suggest 3 unique speech topics related to [your field or interests] that would resonate with the audience. Make sure they are interesting, timely, and substantive enough for a 15-20 minute speech.  

Or have it generate attention-grabbing opening lines:

Write 3 creative opening lines for a 5 minute speech about [topic]. Make them intriguing, surprising statements that will capture the audience's interest.

Crafting the Speech Outline

Once you’ve settled on a topic, use AI to map out the structure:

Provide a detailed outline for a 12 minute motivational speech about [topic]. Include an introduction, 3 main points with supporting details, transitions between sections, and a memorable conclusion. Use an inspiring tone.

Tweak the prompt to fit the occasion, adjust length, style requests, etc.

Drafting the Speech

When ready to start writing, give AI the basics to work from:

Write a draft script for a 8-10 minute graduation speech for high school students. Emphasize the themes of change, growth, and seizing new opportunities. Include two short personal anecdotes and end by motivating them to pursue their passions.

Then edit to personalize stories, facts, quotes, and more.

Polishing and Practicing

Once the content looks good, use AI to refine the language:

Proofread this graduation speech draft. Fix any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Replace any awkward or unclear phrasing with more eloquent language.  

And prepare smooth delivery:

Add three sets of stage directions in brackets within this speech draft to indicate pauses, tonal emphasis, or physical gestures.  

Websites with More AI Speech Writing Prompts

For anyone interested in leveraging AI tools for speech writing, here are some helpful websites with more AI prompt examples:

The key is crafting clear, detailed prompts indicating the speech purpose, audience, style, key themes, length, and any other requirements. Start simple and tweak prompts based on the AI output. With experimentation, you can learn how to guide tools like ChatGPT to assist with many aspects of speech writing.



AI prompts open up exciting possibilities for accelerating speech writing. While AI cannot fully replace human creativity and judgment, it can help generate ideas, draft text, polish language, and more based on prompts. Compelling speeches require an authentic human voice – but AI can help that voice shine.

With thoughtfully engineered prompts focused on your goals, AI writing assistants can help speech writers work smarter, enabling you to produce more powerful speeches faster. Use the examples above as inspiration to enhance your speech writing process.