Imaginative ChatGPT Prompts for Script Writing

As a script writer, coming up with creative ideas and inspiration can sometimes be challenging. AI tools like ChatGPT provide an exciting way to generate prompt examples that can kickstart your creative process. In this article, I’ll share some of my favorite imaginative prompts for script writing across different genres.

Prompts for Drama Scripts


Drama relies heavily on conflict and emotional arcs. Here are some great prompts to get your dramatic juices flowing:

Complex Character Relationships

“Write a scene depicting the complex love-hate relationship between a brother and sister who grew up in a dysfunctional household.”

This prompt helps set up a charged dynamic that’s ripe for drama. Explore layers of resentment and caring between the pair as you write.

Moral Dilemmas

“A doctor faces a heartbreaking decision between saving her daughter or a bus full of school children.”

Moral dilemmas place characters in gut-wrenching situations. This prompt sets up high emotional stakes.

Historical Injustice

“An indigenous woman confronts the son of the general who led the cavalry charge that killed her people.”

Historical injustices often involve cycles of violence. This prompt allows you to explore emotional topics.

Prompts for Comedy Scripts


Making readers laugh requires wit, timing, and relatable characters. Try out these comedy prompts:


“A stuffy aristocrat hires a film crew to create a documentary proving his family manor is haunted by his eccentric ancestors.”

The mockumentary format is a comedic goldmine, spoofing documentary tropes. This prompt parodies the eccentric rich.

Fish Out of Water

“An Amish farmer visits New York City for the first time and is overwhelmed by technology and fast-paced city life.”

Fish out of water premises derive humor from characters placed in absurd contexts outside their comfort zones.

Cringe Comedy

“An extremely shy man prepares to give a best man speech at his brother’s wedding despite his crippling social anxiety.”

Cringe comedy spots shine an empathetic light on awkward protagonists in uncomfortable situations.

Prompts for Thriller Scripts


Craft tense thrillers by placing characters in high stakes scenarios:

On the Run

“Two siblings escape a shadowy government agency and must stay one step ahead while figuring out the truth about their past.”

Characters on the run must solve mysteries, avoid danger, and battle threats at every turn.


“Six college friends get trapped in an escape room and soon discover the puzzles reveal disturbing secrets about their relationships.”

Trapping characters amps up tension while forcing them to confront conflicts.


“An investigative journalist becomes a target after uncovering a massive corporate conspiracy with ties to the highest levels of government.”

Conspiracy stories let you build intricate mysteries with vast implications.

Helpful Resources


Here are some useful websites with more AI prompt examples for script writing:

Let your imagination run wild with these script writing prompts!