19 Google Assistant Commands for Dish

Dish TV boxes are here to keep you entertained in the living room. The device supports various commands from Alexa and Google Assistant as well. For the latter, you need to set up Google Assistant features on your TV. After that, you can use these commands to control the TV.

“Hi Google, turn on Dish.”

“Hi Google, turn off Dish.”

“Ok Google, change the channel to Fox.”

“Hey Google, go to channel 134.”

“Hi, show me the Matrix movies.”

“Hey Google, pause.”

“Hey Google, play.”

“Hey Google, rewind.”

“Hi, record this.”

“Ok Google, launch Game Finder.”

“Hey Google, go to my DVR.”

” Ok Google, skip 30 seconds.”

“Ok Google, launch Disney+.”

“Ok Google, back on The Simpsons”

“Hi Google, watch football”

“Hi Google, fast forward 2 minutes.”

“Hi Google, open Netflix.”

“Ok Google, play Korean movies.”

“Hey Google, find The Big Bang Theory.”