Master Google Assistant Roku Voice Commands

Below are some examples of Master Google Assistant Roku Voice Commands that you can use to control your Roku device hands-free. With the help of Google Assistant, you can control your Roku device, play your favorite TV shows and movies, and navigate through Roku’s interface with ease. Whether you’re looking to change the channel, pause the video, or search for new content, these voice commands have got you covered.

#1 Basic Controls

“Pause” – Pause the video that is currently playing
“Play” – Resume playback of a paused video
“Rewind” – Rewind the video by a few seconds
“Fast forward” – Skip ahead a few seconds in the video
“Stop” – Stop the video and return to the main menu
“Resume” – Continue watching the video from where you left off
“Go home” – Return to the Roku home screen

#2 Navigation Commands

“Scroll up/down/left/right” – Navigate through the menus by scrolling in the specified direction
“Select” – Select the highlighted option on the screen
“Go back” – Return to the previous menu or screen
“Search for ‘insert search term here'” – Search for a specific TV show, movie, or actor

#3 Playback Controls

“Turn on/off captions” – Toggle closed captions on or off
“Binge-watch ‘insert TV show name here'” – Play the next episode of a TV series
“Watch ‘insert movie or TV show name here'” – Play a specific TV show or movie
“Play ‘insert genre here’ movies” – Play a specific genre of movies, such as comedy or horror

#4 TV and Volume Controls

“Turn on/off TV” – Turn your TV on or off
“Change channel to ‘insert channel number here'” – Tune to a specific channel
“Increase/decrease volume” – Adjust the volume of your TV
“Mute” – Mute the sound on your TV
“Switch to HDMI input ‘insert HDMI number here'” – Switch to a specific HDMI input

#5 Special Commands

“Tell me a joke” – Google Assistant will tell you a joke
“Remind me to watch ‘insert TV show or movie name here’ tomorrow at 7 pm” – Set a reminder to watch a specific TV show or movie at a specific time
“What’s the weather like tomorrow?” – Get the weather forecast for the next day
“Order ‘insert product name here'” – Order a specific product from an online retailer such as Amazon.