Get Ready to LOL: Hilarious Siri Command Examples on YouTube

Are you ready to have a good laugh? Look no further than the hilarious Siri command examples on YouTube! Below are some voice command examples that will have you laughing out loud in no time. From witty comebacks to unexpected responses, Siri is full of surprises. So grab your device, get ready to LOL, and start testing out these funny Siri commands today.

#1 Funny Responses

“Tell me a joke, Siri.”
“Can you dance, Siri?”
“What’s the meaning of life, Siri?”
“Who’s your favorite superhero, Siri?”
“Can you beatbox, Siri?”

#2 Witty Comebacks

“I’m bored, Siri.”
“I love you, Siri.”
“Knock knock, Siri.”
“You’re funny, Siri.”
“Play a game with me, Siri.”

#3 Random Shenanigans

“Where do babies come from, Siri?”
“Can you rap, Siri?”
“What’s zero divided by zero, Siri?”
“Siri, are you human?”
“Can you do my homework, Siri?”

#4 Movie and Pop Culture References

“May the force be with you, Siri.”
“Who’s your daddy, Siri?”
“Open the pod bay doors, Siri.”
“Beam me up, Siri.”
“Tell me a Star Wars quote, Siri.”

#5 Philosophical Questions

“What’s the meaning of love, Siri?”
“Is the dress blue and black or white and gold, Siri?”
“What’s the best phone, Siri?”
“Are we in the Matrix, Siri?”
“What’s the weather like in Area 51, Siri?”

#6 Classic Pranks

“Can you sneeze, Siri?”
“Can you self-destruct, Siri?”
“Who’s your best friend, Siri?”
“Are you spying on me, Siri?”
“Can you make me a sandwich, Siri?”