Siri Voice Commands: Your Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to take full advantage of your Siri assistant? Well, you’re in luck! Below, we have compiled an extensive list of Siri voice commands that will make your life easier and your phone more accessible. From basic tasks such as making phone calls to more complex ones, you will be amazed at what Siri can do. So, keep on reading and discover how Siri can assist you in your day-to-day life.

#1 Call and Text

“Call Mom”
“Text my boss I will be in late for work today”
“Call the nearest pharmacy”
“Send a message to Jane, Hey, how are you?”
“FaceTime Sarah”

#2 Set Reminders

“Remind me to buy milk at 5 pm”
“Set a reminder for tomorrow morning at 8 am”
“Remind me to call my doctor next week”

#3 Send Emails

“Send an email to Tom and say let’s meet next week”
“Read my last email”
“Email my boss the report from yesterday’s meeting”

#4 Navigation and Maps

“Take me home”
“What’s the traffic like to my office?”
“Where is the nearest gas station?”
“Navigate to the nearest supermarket”
“What’s the distance to the airport?”

#5 Play Music and Media

“Play rock music”
“Turn up the volume”
“Play the next song”
“Shuffle my playlist”
“Set a timer for 20 minutes”

#6 Make Reservations and Bookings

“Make a reservation at the nearest Italian restaurant”
“Book me a ticket to London next week”
“Find me a hotel in New York”
“Cancel my reservation at the spa”

#7 Weather and Time

“What’s the weather like today?”
“What’s the temperature in Miami?”
“What time is it in New York?”
“When is sunset in Paris?”

#8 General Knowledge

“How many ounces are in a pound?”
“What is the tallest building in the world?”
“Convert 10 dollars to euros”
“What is the capital of Norway?”
“Who won the last Super Bowl?”

#9 Advanced Settings

“Turn on/off Wi-Fi”
“Open Settings”
“Turn on Airplane mode”
“Find my iPhone”
“Turn on/off Bluetooth”