Fire TV Alexa Voice Commands: Examples and Tips

If you own a Fire TV, then you’ve likely experienced the convenience of the Alexa Voice Remote. This cutting-edge technology enables you to use your voice to control your Fire TV. It’s truly a hands-free experience that allows you to pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, or even search for your favorite content with ease. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most useful Fire TV Alexa voice commands to help you take full advantage of this incredible feature.

#1 Navigation Commands

“Go up/down/left/right”
“Open [Application name]”
“Go to Home screen”
“Go to Back”
“Go to Settings”
“Go to Sleep”

#2 Playback Commands

“Rewind 10 seconds”
“Fast forward 30 seconds”
“Skip opening credits”
“Skip to next episode”

#3 Search Commands

“Find [movie title, TV show or channel name]”
“Search for [movie name]”
“Show me [movie or TV show genre]”
“Search for [actor or director name]”
“Who stars in [Movie or TV show name]?”

#4 TV Controls

“Turn on/off Fire TV”
“Change the TV volume”
“Mute the TV”
“Switch to HDMI [1, 2,3 etc]”

#5 Music Playback Commands

“Play music”
“Stop music”
“Skip to next track”
“Resume music”

#6 Alexa commands

“Ask Alexa to tell me a joke”
“Ask Alexa to give me the weather forecast”
“Ask Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes”
“Ask Alexa to play [Radio Station name]”
“Ask Alexa about traffic updates”

#7 Other Useful Commands

“Screen saver”
“Pair remote”
“Check Wi-Fi connection”
“Calibrate display”
“Update Amazon Prime membership”