Mastering Google Assistant: Top Voice Commands for Android

Welcome to Mastering Google Assistant: Top Voice Commands for Android! Below are some voice command examples you can use to navigate your Android device with ease. Whether you need to make a call, set an alarm, play music, or search the web, Google Assistant is there to assist you. The convenience of being able to use your voice to control your device makes it easier and faster to manage your daily tasks. So, let’s dive in and explore some of the most useful voice commands for Android users.

#1 Basic Commands

“Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?”
“Make a call to [name]”
“Set an alarm for [time]”
“Turn on/off Wi-Fi”
“Open [app name]”
“Take a screenshot”
“What time is it?”

#2 Playing Music

“Play [song/artist/album]”
“Play [song/artist/album] on Spotify”
“Skip this song”
“Pause music”
“Resume music”
“What song is this?”

#3 Sending Messages

“Send a message to [name] saying [message]”
“Read my messages”
“Reply [message]”

#4 Navigation Commands

“Directions to [location]”
“What’s the traffic like?”
“Navigate to [location]”
“My current location”
“What’s the nearest [location]?”

#5 Setting Reminders

“Remind me to [task] at [time]”
“Remind me to take my medication every day at [time]”
“Cancel my reminder for [task]”

#6 Managing Daily Tasks

“What’s on my agenda for today?”
“Set a timer for [time]”
“Note to self [note]”
“Search [term]”
“Calling [contact name]”

#7 Using Voice Commands to Control Home Devices

“Turn on/off [device name]”
“Set [device name] to [temperature/mode]”
“Dim the lights to [percentage]”
“Turn on/off the TV”
“Turn off all the lights in the living room”

#8 Using Voice Commands to Access Google Services

“Set a reminder for [date and time]”
“Search for [term]”
“What’s the news today?”
“Tell me a joke”
“Convert [unit] to [unit]”
“Translate [phrase] to [language]”

#9 Controlling Smartphones and Tablets

“Record a video”
“Take a picture”
“Open camera”
“Set brightness to [percentage]”
“Turn on/off flashlight”
“Reduce/increase volume”