Cortana Xbox Voice Commands: Examples & How to Use Them

If you own an Xbox One console, chances are you’ve heard of Cortana – Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant. Cortana can do more than just set reminders and search the web; it can give you total voice control over your Xbox One. Whether you’re a gamer or a couch potato, Cortana can make your Xbox experience easier and more enjoyable. Below are some voice command examples you can use to get started.

#1 System Navigation

“Go Home”
“Go to Settings”
“Turn off”

#2 Entertainment Control

“Play some music”
“Play [Game title]”
“Launch Netflix”
“Fast forward 5 minutes”

#3 App Navigation

“Go to [App name]”
“Close [App name]”
“Take a screenshot”
“Record that”

#4 Social Interaction

“Invite [Gamertag] to my party”
“Send a message to [Gamertag]”
“Start a party”

#5 System Commands

“Change channel”
“Sign in as [Gamertag]”
“Show notifications”
“Turn off Xbox”
“Open guide”

#6 Game-Specific Commands

“What can I do here?”
“Show Achievements”
“Find friends playing this”
“Snap [App]”
“Record that”

#7 Web Searches

“Search the web for [Topic]”
“What’s the weather like?”
“Who won the Super Bowl?”
“How tall is [Celebrity]?”