Cortana Voice Commands for Windows 10: Examples & Tips

Cortana, the voice-activated assistant on Windows 10, is a powerful tool that can help you navigate your computer and perform various tasks with just your voice. Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity, streamline your workflow, or simply enjoy the convenience of hands-free control, Cortana voice commands for Windows 10 is here to assist you. Below, you will find a wide range of voice command examples that cover different aspects of using Cortana in Windows 10. These commands will enable you to effortlessly interact with your computer, access information, manage your schedule, launch applications, and much more. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

#1 Basic Commands

“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like today?”
“Open Google Chrome.”
“Set a reminder for 4 p.m.”
“Tell me a joke.”

#2 System Control

“Turn off my computer.”
“Lock my device.”
“Restart in Safe Mode.”
“Mute the volume.”

#3 Web Browsing

“Search for Italian restaurants near me.”
“Open YouTube.”
“Go to Facebook.”
“What is the latest news?”

#4 File and Folder Management

“Open Documents folder.”
“Create a new folder called ‘Work’.”
“Find all files modified yesterday.”
“Move ‘Report.docx’ to ‘Projects’ folder.”

#5 Entertainment and Media

“Play some music.”
“Skip this song.”
“Turn up the volume.”
“Find horror movies.”

#6 Productivity

“Set an alarm for 7 a.m. tomorrow.”
“Send an email to John.”
“Schedule a meeting for next Monday at 2 p.m.”
“Create a new note.”

#7 Personalized Assistance

“Tell me about my day.”
“Remind me to buy milk when I leave the office.”
“What’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”
“Find my phone.”

#8 System Settings

“Change screen brightness to 50%.”
“Switch to dark mode.”
“Set my default printer to ‘HP OfficeJet’.”
“Enable Bluetooth.”

#9 Cortana Customization

“Change Cortana’s voice.”
“Enable/Disable ‘Hey Cortana’.”
“Teach Cortana to recognize my voice.”
“Change Cortana’s name.”

#10 Fun and Random

“Roll a dice.”
“Flip a coin.”
“What’s the value of pi?”
“Sing me a song.”