Cortana Voice Commands: Essential Examples and Shortcuts

If you are a frequent user of Cortana on your Windows device, you know how essential voice commands can be to streamline your daily tasks. With Cortana voice commands: Essential Examples and Shortcuts, you can quickly and easily navigate through your device and perform various actions with just your voice. Below are some of the top voice command examples you can use to interact with Cortana and make the most of your experience.

#1 Basic Commands

If you’re new to using Cortana, some basic voice command examples can help you get started. Try saying “Hey Cortana” to activate the assistant, followed by commands such as:
– “What’s the weather today?”
– “Set a reminder for 2 PM.”
– “Open Microsoft Word.”
– “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?”
– “Tell me a joke.”

#2 Windows Navigation Commands

If you want to streamline your navigation through Windows, try out these voice commands:
– “Open the settings menu.”
– “Switch to tablet mode.”
– “Open the action center.”
– “Minimize all windows.”
– “Close the current window.”

#3 Web Commands

If you frequently use the web on your device, you can speed up your searches and browsing with these voice commands:
– “Search for the closest coffee shop.”
– “Open YouTube.”
– “What is the capital of France?”
– “Navigate to”
– “Play ‘Shape of You’ on Spotify.”

#4 Productivity Commands

If you need to get work done on your device, try out these productivity-focused voice commands:
– “Create a new PowerPoint presentation.”
– “What’s on my to-do list?”
– “Open an Excel spreadsheet.”
– “Set an alarm for 6 AM tomorrow.”
– “Email John about the project update.”

#5 Entertainment Commands

If you need to unwind or relax, try out these fun voice command examples:
– “Play Minecraft.”
– “Tell me a story.”
– “What’s the latest news on the Kardashians?”
– “Put on some relaxing music.”
– “What movies are playing nearby?”