10 Voice Commands for Cortana on Windows 10: A Handy Guide

Are you looking to make the most of Cortana on your Windows 10 device? Below, you’ll find some examples of voice commands that you can use to streamline your daily tasks and enhance your productivity. Whether you’re looking to set up reminders, check the weather, or search the web, Cortana has you covered with these 10 Voice Commands for Cortana on Windows 10: A Handy Guide.

#1 Reminders

“Hey Cortana, remind me to call mom at 6 pm today.”
“Hey Cortana, remind me to buy milk when I get to the grocery store.”

#2 Alarms

“Hey Cortana, set an alarm for 7 am tomorrow.”
“Hey Cortana, wake me up in 30 minutes.”

#3 Calendar

“Hey Cortana, add dentist appointment to my calendar for next Friday at 11 am.”
“Hey Cortana, what’s on my schedule for today?”

#4 Weather

“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like today in New York City?”
“Hey Cortana, will it rain tomorrow in London?”

#5 Email

“Hey Cortana, send an email to John Smith about the meeting agenda.”
“Hey Cortana, check my email for any new messages.”

#6 Navigation

“Hey Cortana, give me directions to the nearest gas station.”
“Hey Cortana, how long will it take to get to the airport?”

#7 News

“Hey Cortana, what’s the latest news about technology?”
“Hey Cortana, read me the top headlines.”

#8 Music

“Hey Cortana, play my workout playlist on Spotify.”
“Hey Cortana, what song is this?”

#9 Settings

“Hey Cortana, turn on Quiet Hours.”
“Hey Cortana, open the Control Panel.”

#10 Web Search

“Hey Cortana, search for the best pizza place near me.”
“Hey Cortana, find me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies.”