Cortana Voice Command Examples: How to Get the Most from Your Virtual Assistant

If you want to get the most out of your virtual assistant, Cortana, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to streamline your daily tasks and make the most of Cortana’s capabilities. Whether you’re looking to set reminders, check the weather, or stay on top of your appointments, these voice commands will help you get the most from your virtual assistant. So sit back, relax, and let Cortana do the heavy lifting for you.

#1 Productivity Commands

“Remind me to call John at 3pm.”
“Create a new calendar event for tomorrow at 10am.”
“Set a timer for 20 minutes.”
“Open Microsoft Word.”

#2 Weather and News Commands

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Tell me the latest headlines.”
“Read me the news about technology.”

#3 Communication Commands

“Send an email to Chris.”
“Call Mom.”
“Text Mike that I’ll be late for dinner.”

#4 Navigation and Directions Commands

“Give me directions to the nearest gas station.”
“Find me a coffee shop nearby.”
“Show me the traffic to work.”

#5 Entertainment Commands

“Play my jazz playlist.”
“Show me the latest movie trailers.”
“What’s the score of the Lakers game?”

#6 Device Control Commands

“Turn off Bluetooth.”
“Increase screen brightness to 70%.”
“Put my computer to sleep.”

#7 Task Management Commands

“Make a to-do list for today.”
“Show me my upcoming tasks.”
“Mark ‘buy groceries’ as completed.”

#8 Personal Assistant Commands

“Tell me a joke.”
“Sing me a song.”
“What’s my agenda for the day?”