10 Examples of Alexa Voice Commands for Order Confirmation

Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to confirm orders with Alexa. Feel free to try them out and see how convenient it is to use voice commands for order confirmation.

#1 Food Delivery Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my pizza order from Domino’s.”
“Alexa, verify my sushi delivery from Sushi Palace.”
“Alexa, confirm my burger and fries order from Five Guys.”

#2 Online Shopping Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my order for a new pair of shoes from Amazon.”
“Alexa, verify the delivery of my laptop from Best Buy.”
“Alexa, confirm my purchase of a camera from B&H Photo.”

#3 Grocery Delivery Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my grocery delivery from Whole Foods.”
“Alexa, verify the delivery of my fresh produce from Instacart.”
“Alexa, confirm my order for household items from Walmart.”

#4 Ride Share Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my Uber ride to the airport.”
“Alexa, verify my Lyft ride to the concert venue.”
“Alexa, confirm my order for a taxi to my destination.”

#5 Ticket Purchase Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my purchase of concert tickets from Ticketmaster.”
“Alexa, verify the delivery of my theater tickets from StubHub.”
“Alexa, confirm my order for movie tickets from Fandango.”

#6 Hotel Reservation Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my hotel reservation at the Marriott.”
“Alexa, verify my stay at the Hilton next week.”
“Alexa, confirm my booking at the Radisson for next month.”

#7 Meal Kit Delivery Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my delivery of HelloFresh meal kits.”
“Alexa, verify the arrival of my Blue Apron meal package.”
“Alexa, confirm my order for Sun Basket meal delivery.”

#8 Prescription Medication Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my prescription medication delivery from CVS.”
“Alexa, verify the delivery of my medication from Walgreens.”
“Alexa, confirm my order for prescription refills from Rite Aid.”

#9 Flower Delivery Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my flower delivery from 1-800-Flowers.”
“Alexa, verify the delivery of my bouquet from ProFlowers.”
“Alexa, confirm my order for a floral arrangement from Teleflora.”

#10 Restaurant Reservation Confirmation

“Alexa, confirm my dinner reservation at The Cheesecake Factory.”
“Alexa, verify my lunch reservation at Olive Garden.”
“Alexa, confirm my booking at Red Lobster for tonight.”