Cortana PC Voice Command Examples

Below are some Cortana PC voice command examples that you can use to make your experience with the personal assistant even more efficient and convenient. With these voice commands, you can create reminders, send emails, open applications, and much more, all with just a few simple words. Give them a try and see how they can help you streamline your daily tasks.

#1: Basic Commands

“Hey, Cortana” – This is the command to activate Cortana.
“What can you do?” – Ask this to Cortana to know what commands you can use.
“Open Microsoft Word” – Use this command to open any application on your PC through Cortana.
“Take a screenshot” – Cortana can take a screenshot of your desktop.
“Show me my schedule” – This command will display your daily tasks.
“What’s the weather like today?” – Get current weather status with Cortana.
“When is my next meeting?” – Ask this command to Cortana to know your next meeting schedule.

#2: Managing Your PC

“Restart the computer” – Use this command to restart your computer.
“Shut down the computer” – Use this command to shutdown your computer.
“Open control panel” – Use this command to open control panel through Cortana.
“Turn on/off Bluetooth” – Cortana can toggle Bluetooth for you.
“Launch File Explorer” – Open File Explorer to see all your files and folders.
“Settings” – Use this command to open the settings window.

#3: Communication

“Email John Smith about the marketing project” – Use this command to compose an email.
“Respond to the last email” – Cortana will start composing a reply to the last email you received.
“Call Julie Smith on Skype” – Speak it to Cortana to make phone call via Skype.
“Find contact information for George Washington” – This will search about George Washington’s contact details.
“Send a text message to Kate” – Use this command to send a text message through Cortana.

#4: Entertainment

“Play music by Taylor Swift” – Cortana can start playing any specific music.
“What’s the latest news?” – Cortana will tell you the latest news headlines.
“What’s a joke?” – Ask this to Cortana and she will tell you a joke.
“Open Netflix” – Use this command to open Netflix to start watching your favorite TV show.
“Add Xbox games to my wishlist” – Create a wishlist of games in Microsoft Store.

#5: Productivity

“Set a reminder to call John at 2 pm tomorrow” – Cortana will set a reminder for you to call John the next day.
“Make a note to buy milk” – You can add a note with the word “note” followed by your note.
“Calculate the tip on $50” – Use this command to calculate the tip easily.
“Convert 10 miles to kilometers” – Measure quantity conversion can easily be done through Cortana.
“What’s the largest city in Africa?” – Ask this to Cortana and she will bring the result to you.
“Translate ‘Hello’ to French” – Use this command to translate any word or phrase using Cortana.