Cortana Voice Command Examples for Windows 10

If you are a regular Windows 10 user, you might have heard about Cortana. Cortana is an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, which is built into Windows 10. This AI assistant can perform several tasks for you, including setting a reminder, answering a question, or booking a meeting. To make your life easier, here are some “Cortana Voice Command Examples for Windows 10” that you can use to get your work done efficiently.

#1 Basic Commands

“Cortana, open Word.”
“Cortana, open Excel.”
“Cortana, open PowerPoint.”
“Cortana, open Settings.”
“Cortana, open Control Panel.”
“Cortana, what time is it?”
“Cortana, set an alarm for 7 AM.”
“Cortana, what’s the weather today?”
“Cortana, set a reminder for tomorrow.”

#2 Design Commands

“Cortana, invert colors.”
“Cortana, turn on night light.”
“Cortana, set the wallpaper to dark mode.”
“Cortana, change the screen resolution.”

#3 Navigation Commands

“Cortana, open Chrome.”
“Cortana, open Edge.”
“Cortana, open File Explorer.”
“Cortana, open Photos.”
“Cortana, open Calculator.”
“Cortana, open Camera.”
“Cortana, open Groove Music.”
“Cortana, open Movies and TV.”
“Cortana, open Skype.
“Cortana, open Xbox.”

#4 System Commands

“Cortana, restart my computer.”
“Cortana, shut down my computer.”
“Cortana, log out of my account.”
“Cortana, open the Task Manager.”
“Cortana, open Device Manager.”
“Cortana, open Registry Editor.”

#5 Voice Commands for Edge Browser

“Cortana, open a new tab.”
“Cortana, close this tab.”
“Cortana, go back.”
“Cortana, go forward.”
“Cortana, reload the page.”
“Cortana, stop loading the page.”
“Cortana, open the address bar.”
“Cortana, search for something on Bing.”

#6 Voice Commands for Groove Music

“Cortana, play some music.”
“Cortana, stop the music.”
“Cortana, pause the music.”
“Cortana, skip this song.”
“Cortana, repeat this song.”
“Cortana, shuffle the songs.”
“Cortana, add this song to the playlist.”
“Cortana, play some classical music.”

#7 Voice Commands for Skype

“Cortana, call Sarah.”
“Cortana, answer the call.”
“Cortana, hang up.”
“Cortana, share my screen.”
“Cortana, mute the call.”
“Cortana, unmute the call.”
“Cortana, start a video call.”
“Cortana, record the call.”