Cortana on Xbox One: Voice Command Examples

If you’re an Xbox One user, you’re likely familiar with Cortana – the voice assistant that can help you navigate your console with ease. With Cortana, you can control your Xbox with voice commands, whether you’re looking to launch a game, search for a new movie, or even turn off your console. Below are some voice command examples to help you get started.

#1 Basic Commands

“Hey Cortana, turn on Xbox”
“Hey Cortana, turn off Xbox”
“Hey Cortana, go to Home”
“Hey Cortana, go to Settings”
“Hey Cortana, mute the volume”
“Hey Cortana, unmute the volume”
“Hey Cortana, pause”
“Hey Cortana, resume”
“Hey Cortana, what can I say”
“Hey Cortana, help”

#2 Navigation Commands

“Hey Cortana, go to [game/application name]”
“Hey Cortana, show my games and apps”
“Hey Cortana, show my music”
“Hey Cortana, show my movies and TV shows”
“Hey Cortana, search for [movie name]”
“Hey Cortana, show me my friends list”
“Hey Cortana, invite [friend name] to party”
“Hey Cortana, create a new party”
“Hey Cortana, join party”
“Hey Cortana, open notifications”
“Hey Cortana, show me recent captures”

#3 Control Commands

“Hey Cortana, record that”
“Hey Cortana, take a screenshot”
“Hey Cortana, capture a game clip”
“Hey Cortana, broadcast”
“Hey Cortana, stop broadcasting”
“Hey Cortana, switch to TV”
“Hey Cortana, go to OneGuide”
“Hey Cortana, go back”
“Hey Cortana, show menu”

#4 Voice Commands while Playing Games

“Hey Cortana, start a party”
“Hey Cortana, invite party to game”
“Hey Cortana, record that”
“Hey Cortana, pause”
“Hey Cortana, resume”
“Hey Cortana, take a screenshot”
“Hey Cortana, snap party”
“Hey Cortana, turn off notifications”
“Hey Cortana, show me achievements”

#5 Cortana Interaction Commands

“Hey Cortana, how do I get to [a specific location in a game]”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like?”
“Hey Cortana, what time is it?”
“Hey Cortana, tell me a joke”
“Hey Cortana, how old are you?”
“Hey Cortana, sing me a song”
“Hey Cortana, what’s trending on Twitter?”
“Hey Cortana, give me directions to [a location]”
“Hey Cortana, will it rain today?”
“Hey Cortana, set a reminder”