Cool Cortana Commands: Voice Control Examples

Below are some Cool Cortana commands: Voice Control Examples you can use to make your experience with Cortana even better. Cortana is an AI assistant developed by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. These voice commands range from opening applications to creating appointments, and much more. There are over 150 voice commands which you can use to control Cortana, and we will be listing some of the coolest voice control examples for you to try out right away!

#1 Basic Commands

“Hey Cortana!” – Activate Cortana
“What time is it?” – Tells you the current time
“What is today’s date?” – Tells you today’s date
“Open Microsoft Edge” – Opens Microsoft Edge browser
“Open Control Panel” – Opens Control Panel
“Play some music” – Plays random music from your chosen music platform
“Stop music” – Stops playing music
“Set reminder” – Sets a reminder for a certain event
“What’s the weather like?” – Tells you the current weather in your location
“Send email” – Sends an email to a selected individual

#2 Assistant Commands

“Who are you?” – Tells you about Cortana
“Tell me a joke” – Tells a joke
“What’s the news?” – Tells you the latest news
“What does ‘word’ mean?” – Gives you the definition of any word
“I’m bored” – Entertains you with q&a quips

#3 Personalization Commands

“Change my nickname” – Changes your nickname
“Add a family member” – Adds a family member to your Microsoft account
“Change my background” – Changes your desktop background
“Turn on Quiet Hours” – Turns on Quiet Hours, blocks notifications
“Turn off Quiet Hours” – Turns off Quiet Hours

#4 Device Commands

“Restart my computer” – Restarts your computer
“Lock my computer” – Locks your computer
“Shut down my computer” – Shuts down your computer
“Take a screenshot” – Takes a screenshot of the screen
“Log me off” – Logs you off your Windows account

#5 Entertainment Commands

“Search for Game of Thrones” – Searches for Game of Thrones online
“Find me some recipes” – Searches for recipes online
“Play (podcast/show)” – Plays a certain Podcast or Show
“What movies are playing near me?” – Tells you what movies are playing in your location
“Who sings this song?” – Tells you the artist of the current playing song

#6 Productivity Commands

“Open Word, Excel, PowerPoint” – Opens that specific software
“Create a new document” – Creates a new document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
“Open recent files” – Opens files you recently used in Office
“Set an alarm” – Sets an alarm for certain time
“Add a task” – Adds a task to your to-do list

#7 Navigation Commands

“Give me directions to (place)” – Gives you directions from your current location to a specific place
“What’s the traffic like?” – Tells you the current traffic in your local area
“Where am I?” – Tells you your exact location
“Navigate home” – Gives you directions to your home
“What’s nearby?” – Tells you what’s around your location