Mastering Dish Commands with Google Assistant Voice Control

Welcome to the guide on Mastering Dish Commands with Google Assistant Voice Control. If you’re tired of fumbling with remotes and buttons, then using voice commands could be a great solution for you. Below are some examples of how Google Assistant can help you take control of your TV viewing experience.

#1 Basic TV Commands

“Turn on the TV.”
“Turn off the TV.”
“Change the channel to [channel number/name].”
“Go to [channel number/name].”
“Go back.”
“Go forward.”

#2 Volume Control Commands

“Set volume to [1-10].”
“Increase the volume.”
“Decrease the volume.”
“Mute the TV.”
“Unmute the TV.”

#3 Recording Commands

“Record this show.”
“Record all episodes of this show.”
“Record this show every Monday.”
“Cancel recordings.”
“Check scheduled recordings.”

#4 Playback Control Commands

“Play the next episode.”
“Play the previous episode.”
“Pause the playback.”
“Resume the playback.”
“Stop the playback.”
“Rewind [number] seconds.”
“Fast-forward [number] seconds.”
“Skip [number] minutes.”

#5 Search Commands

“Search for [TV show/movie name].”
“Search for [TV show/movie name] on [channel/network].”
“Find [genre] movies.”
“Show me recommended TV shows.”
“Search for actors/actresses.”

#6 Navigation Commands

“Go to Guide.”
“Go to On Demand.”
“Go to DVR.”
“Go to Settings.”
“Go to Options.”
“Go to Help.”

#7 Channel Guide Commands

“Show me TV guide for [channel/network].”
“List TV shows on [channel/network].”
“What’s on right now?”
“What’s on at [time] on [channel/network]?”
“What’s playing on [day] at [time]? ”

#8 Parental Control Commands

“Lock the channel.”
“Unlock the channel.”
“Change the parental PIN.”
“Set restrictions to [TV rating].”
“Unblock a program.”
“View blocked programs.”

#9 Interactive Commands

“Vote for [TV show participant].”
“Enter a contest.”
“Call [TV show host].”
“Play interactive games.”
“Ask for TV show trivia.”
“Participate in polls.”