Bixby: Voice Command Examples for Efficient Voice Recognition

Bixby, developed by Samsung, is an innovative voice assistant designed to enhance user experience through efficient voice recognition. With its advanced capabilities, Bixby can understand and respond to a wide range of voice commands, making various tasks easier and more convenient. Below, you’ll find a compilation of voice command examples that highlight Bixby’s capabilities for efficient voice recognition. Whether you’re looking to control your device, search for information, or perform tasks hands-free, these commands will help you navigate through Bixby’s repertoire of features seamlessly.

#1 Device Control

“Turn on Wi-Fi.”
“Set screen brightness to maximum.”
“Open the camera app.”
“Turn off Bluetooth.”
“Take a screenshot.”
“Start recording a video.”
“Enable night mode.”
“Lock the screen.”
“Play music.”

#2 Communication

“Call Mom.”
“Send a text to John: I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”
“Read my unread messages.”
“Open my email.”
“Make a video call.”
“Check missed calls.”
“Send a voice message to Sarah.”
“Set an alarm for 7 AM.”
“Remind me to call the dentist tomorrow at 3 PM.”

#3 Web Browsing

“Search for the latest news.”
“Open Facebook.”
“Go to”
“What’s the weather like in New York?”
“Translate ‘hello’ to Spanish.”
“Find recipe for chocolate chip cookies.”
“Show me movie times for ‘Dune’.”
“Browse top-rated restaurants near me.”
“Play a Ted Talk video.”

#4 Entertainment

“Play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.”
“Skip to the next song.”
“Find comedy movies.”
“Recommend a book to read.”
“Play the latest episode of ‘The Office’.”
“Search for funny cat videos on YouTube.”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Play ambient noise for relaxation.”
“Find trivia questions.”

#5 Productivity

“Set a reminder to buy groceries.”
“Create a new note.”
“Set up a meeting for next Wednesday at 2 PM.”
“Schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith for Friday.”
“Find my upcoming events.”
“Navigate to Starbucks.”
“Convert 50 dollars to euros.”
“Calculate the tip for a $45 bill.”
“Open my to-do list.”

#6 Personal Assistant

“What’s my schedule for today?”
“Where is the nearest gas station?”
“Find a highly-rated Italian restaurant nearby.”
“How do I say ‘thank you’ in French?”
“What movies are playing in theaters today?”
“What’s trending on Twitter?”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Read me the news headlines.”
“Recommend a new podcast to listen to.”

#7 Smart Home Control

“Turn off the lights in the living room.”
“Set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Start the robot vacuum cleaner.”
“Turn on the TV and open Netflix.”
“Dim the bedroom lights to 50%.”
“Play my favorite playlist on the speakers.”
“Check the security camera footage.”
“Close the garage door.”

#8 Health and Fitness

“Track my steps for today.”
“What’s my heart rate?”
“Start a workout session.”
“Track my calories for the day.”
“Set a goal to drink 8 glasses of water daily.”
“What’s a healthy recipe for dinner?”
“Find yoga tutorials.”
“Tell me a healthy living tip.”
“Is my sleep pattern normal?”

#9 Travel Assistance

“Find flights from New York to Los Angeles.”
“Book a hotel in Paris for next week.”
“What’s the status of my flight?”
“Search for popular tourist attractions in Rome.”
“Translate ‘hello’ to Italian.”
“Find nearby coffee shops in London.”
“Convert currency from dollars to euros.”
“What’s the best time to visit Hawaii?”
“Check the weather forecast in Tokyo.”

#10 Fun and Games

“Play ’20 Questions’.”
“Roll a dice.”
“Tell me a riddle.”
“Sing me a lullaby.”
“Play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.”
“I’m feeling lucky.”
“Start a game of Sudoku.”
“Guess the song.”
“Play the ‘Would You Rather’ game.”

These voice command examples showcase just a glimpse of what Bixby is capable of, allowing you to navigate your device, access information, and perform various tasks with ease using voice recognition technology. So go ahead, experiment with these commands, and discover the power of Bixby for efficient voice recognition!