50 Useful Apple AirPods Siri Voice Command Examples

Are you new to using Apple AirPods with Siri voice commands? Below are 50 useful voice command examples you can use to control your AirPods hands-free. Whether you want to change a song, make a call, or get directions, Siri can help you do it quickly and easily with just a simple command. Check out some helpful voice commands below and start making the most of your AirPods and Siri integration.

Media Control

“Play music”
“Pause music”
“Play next song”
“Play previous song”
“Play [album/artist/playlist]”
“Shuffle music”
“Turn up the volume”
“Turn down the volume”

Phone Calls

“Call [contact name]”
“Answer call”
“Decline call”
“Read new messages”
“Send a message to [contact name]”
“Redial last number”
“Play voicemail”
“Turn on speakerphone”


“Get directions to [location]”
“What’s the traffic like?”
“Find nearby restaurants”
“Navigate to the nearest gas station”
“Take me home”
“Search for [specific location]”

Reminders and Notes

“Set a reminder for [time/date]”
“Add milk to my shopping list”
“Create a new note”
“Show my reminders for the day”
“Read my latest note”
“Mark my reminder as complete”
“Find my grocery list”

Weather and Time

“What’s the weather today?”
“Will it rain tomorrow?”
“Check the forecast for [location]”
“What time is it?”
“Set an alarm for [time]”
“What’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”
“Remind me to take an umbrella”

General Knowledge

“Define [word]”
“How many calories in an avocado?”
“What’s the capital of France?”
“What’s the latest news?”
“What’s the score of the game?”
“Tell me a joke”
“Sing me a song”