50 Top Voice Commands for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most intelligent personal assistants available today. It can be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones, smart speakers, and smart displays. Google Assistant provides users convenience by allowing them to interact with their devices using voice commands. With the right commands, using technology can be effortless and fun. Below are 50 top voice commands examples that can be used with Google Assistant:

#1 Play Music

“Play some music”
“Play a song by Adele”
“Play some jazz music”
“Play the latest pop songs”
“Play a relaxing playlist”

#2 Get Information

“What’s the weather like today?”
“What’s the current time in New York?”
“What’s the definition of ‘quaint’?”
“How tall is the Eiffel Tower?”
“Who won the World Series in 2019?”

#3 Make a Call/Text

“Call Mary”
“Call the nearest pharmacy”
“Show me my recent calls”
“Text my boss that I am running late”
“Read my last text message”

#4 Set a Reminder/Alarm

“Set an alarm for 7 am”
“Remind me to buy milk at 6 pm”
“Set a reminder for my dentist appointment”
“Cancel all my alarms”
“What alarms do I have set?”

#5 Control Smart Home

“Turn on the living room lights”
“Dim the lights to 50%”
“Turn off the TV”
“Change the thermostat to 70 degrees”
“Lock the front door”

#6 Get Directions

“How do I get to the nearest gas station?”
“Navigate to the nearest Starbucks”
“What’s the traffic like on my commute?”
“How long will it take to get to the airport?”
“Find me a restaurant nearby”

#7 Translate

“What’s ‘hello’ in Spanish?”
“Translate ‘thank you’ to French”
“Say ‘I love you’ in German”
“How do you say ‘goodbye’ in Italian?”
“Can you translate this for me?”

#8 Financial Information

“What’s the stock price for Apple?”
“What’s my bank account balance?”
“Convert 100 dollars to euros”
“Calculate a 15% tip on 30 dollars”
“What’s the current Bitcoin value?”

#9 Entertainment

“Play a game”
“What’s a fun fact?”
“Tell me a joke”
“Who won the Oscars in 2021?”
“Show me some funny videos”

#10 Health and Fitness

“What’s my step count?”
“Track my water intake”
“How many calories are in a banana?”
“Start a workout”
“What’s my heart rate?”